Sometimes the true character of an organization’s stance come out not only from the spokesperson of the organization, but also from a collective of the information they disseminate.

The National Association of Broadcasters is opposed to the merger. This is well known. They have stated many times exactly what their positions are, have hired consultants to publish reports about their opinion, and have created ad campaigns to show their opinion.

Looking at all of this collectively, one can begin to see a bigger picture, and their actions have taken on a certain personality. Consider the tone of the new NAB’s anti-merger website compared to the old. The theme of the website is done in crayon. Is that because David Rehr is acting childish, or is it because David Rehr wants to treat you like a child? Perhaps a bit of both is the answer.

New NAB Website

David Rehr has had tantrums over this merger. He has been forced into taking certain positions when speaking about the Sirius and XM merger, and taking opposite positions when the issue surrounds his own membership. He has taken positions that try to derail low powered FM as a local alternative for minority groups, yet needs to champion the local angle for his discussions relative to the merger. This has him behaving like a child, and thus the crayon themed website is most fitting. One only has to wonder how many crayons Mr. Rehr has broken during this process.

David Rehr also wants to treat you like a child. He wants you to believe that the merger would create a monopoly. He wants you to think that terrestrial radio stations are like some mom-and-pop hardware store being threatened by a Home Depot rolling into town. He wants you to ignore the fact that the opposite is true. Terrestrial Radio is the Giant here, and boasts hundreds of millions of listeners. In point of fact, satellite radio can only boast a small percentage of the listeners that terrestrial radio does. David Rehr wants you to suspend reality and believe his crayon illustrated fairy tale.

David Rehr and the National Association of Broadcaster have shown their true Crayola colors in vivid detail. Don’t let their childish antics rule the day. Don't accept being treated like a child. Look into the merger for yourself and let your opinion be known by contacting the FCC, Senators, and Congressmen.

Position – Long Sirius, Long XM