Gigi Sohn of Public Knowledge met again with the FCC and reiterated her now familiar stance on the proposed merger of Sirius and XM. Miss Sohn in simple terms outlines four conditions that she feels should be made if the merger is allowed to proceed.

1. The new company should make pricing choices such as a-la-carte or tiered pricing.

2. The company should make 5% of the channel capacity available for non-commercial and informational programming over which it has no editorial control

3. The company should agree to a price freeze for a period of three years on combined prices.

4. The company should make technical specifications of its devices and network open.

In the meeting, Gigi Sohn was asked again her stance on the Georgetown Partners proposal. Miss Sohn answered by stating:

1. The 5% set aside in her proposal was likely to create greater program diversity.

2. She would be open to a 20% set-aside proposal if entities other than Georgetown were able to compete for access to the capacity.

By the happenings at the FCC, it seems evident that consideration for the Georgetown Partners proposal is happening, and that some sort of spectrum control and/or surrender is a concession that is on the table for at least some of the FCC commissioners.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM