public-knowledge-logo.gifIn yet another twist of events, Public Knowledge and Media Access penned a letter to the FCC outlining their position, and making clear that there is no relationship with Georgetown Partners. In the letter, published on the FCC website today, they make clear their desire for a 5% spectrum set-aside for informational and educational programming.

Public Knowledge and Media Access expressed that they appreciate the offer b y Georgetown to facilitate a mechanism to make their proposals a reality, but also stipulate that they take no position on the Georgetown Partners 20% spectrum proposal. They also make clear that the 20% is not a substitute for the 5% that they are seeking.

Public Knowledge and Media Access want to be clear that they have requested or received any consideration from Georgetown Partners for their proposals.

Ironically, it is my opinion that if the Georgetown Partners proposal becomes a concession that the merger simply will not happen, and thus, there will be no chance of any Public Knowledge or Media Access desires to come to fruition.

FCC Filing

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