When someone does something with a passion it shows. That passion is easy to fall in love with, and easy to support when times are good. When the economy falters, and people and businesses need to make ends meet, it gets harder and harder for them to support the talents and passions of others. In times such as these, those that have the talent and desire to continue their calling need to reach deeper within themselves. In times like these they also need to extend their reach and seek out those simply looking to make a difference in some way.


Pro Stock Car racing is very regional. Pro Stock racers are often seen as a step below the "big time" of the Busch and NASCAR circuit. Pro Stock drivers tend to have more localized sponsors, and in point of fact are often digging into their own pockets to make their race dreams a reality, as well as entertain racing fans. It is from the ranks of Pro Stock that many racers make their mark and get to the next level.

In Pro Stock, you can see and feel the passion that the racers and crews have. These people do not do it for the money, they do it for the sport. Entire pit crews volunteer their time money and efforts to not only get a car ready to race, but to be differentiators in the pits on race day. This is where the racing we see on television is born. This is where the future drivers and pit crews in Busch and NASCAR come from.

Mike Brightman is a local Stock Car Driver racing for BGB Racing LLC. I had the pleasure of seeing mike this weekend at a family friendly fund drive to get the season rolling in high gear. An event such as this shows the dedication that friends, family, and local sponsors have for this sport and one of its drivers, Mike Brightman.

With fuel getting expensive, and the dollar not stretching as far, this years event was very important to Mike Brightman and BGB Racing. Some sponsors of last years successful season needed to forego their sponsorship this year. Costs in their own businesses are higher, and while they want to do what they can, they had to cut back somewhere. This means that teams such as BGB racing must rely on a grass roots effort to keep the things rolling, and to strive for the checkered flag.

Now, Sirius Buzz is not a cash machine either, but because of what I saw in the eyes of Mike Brightman and the BGB team, I wanted to do what I could to support their efforts. I asked Mike about his T-Shirts, and if I could put some of them up for sale in a way to support the team. He was surprised at the offer, and readily agreed. The T-Shirts are black and carry a depiction of Brightman's #27 car as well as the BGB racing logo. The shirts are $27 and the price includes shipping. If you are interested in a T-Shirt simply click the PayPal button below. Be sure to specify your size when you are paying. I will personally ship the shirts. NASCAR gets all of the glory, but the roots of NASCAR can be found at local tracks.

Now, for those readers that may have deeper pockets, and want to get their business name on a Pro Stock car, the BGB Racing team does have sponsorship slots available at very great rates. If interested visit the BGB Racing Sponsorship Page

I understand that there are many things worthy of you the readers attention. I think helping someone with passion live their dream is something that we can all feel good about. This site is all about satellite radio, and in fact has a very narrow focus. It is my hope that readers can step back from that narrow focus, and do something that will be meaningful to someone else. If Pro Stock cars is not your thing, that is fine. I simply ask that you consider trying to make a bit of a difference for someone in some way. It will give a helping hand, and you can feel great that you took the time to be a part of it.