The class action suit that reached a proposed settlement last week has seen new action. The latest is a preliminary approval. A hearing has been set for August 8, 2011. The purpose of the Settlement Hearing will be to determine whether the proposed Settlement on the terms and conditions provided for in the Agreement is fair, reasonable, and adequate to the Class and should be approved by the Court; whether the Judgment as provided in the Agreement should be entered herein; and whether Class Counsel's application for attorneys' fees and expenses should be granted.

Ironically this hearing comes after the July 28th date on which which the FCC price cap expires.

The Court has approved several aspects of the case:

Approval of Form and Content of Notice The Court approves the form, content, and requirements of the Long Fonn Notice, the Postcard Notice, the E-Mail Notice, and the Publication Notice attached hereto as Exhibits 1 4, respectively.

Retention of Notice Administrator ~The Court approves the appointment of Rust Consulting, Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary, Kinsella Media LLC, as the Notice Administrator and finds that this Notice Administrator is competent and has no conflicts of interest in serving as the Notice Administrator in this case.

The latest filing also offers up some detail on how the class action notifications will go out to existing and former subscribers. You can read it all yourself on the link below.

We will digest the latest filings and offer updates here on SiriusBuzz.

Court Document

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