I just returned from Sirius' corporate offices where I had an opportunity to see first hand the Fall 2007 product line-up. Along with the items outlined in the Sirius press releases, there were also some other gems at the show, and one of them is the Polk Audio "miDock Portfolio".

This slick device is a new option for Stiletto fans, that offers a traveling solution for audio entertainment. At a retail price point of $99, the unit is expected at retailers this Fall. The miDock features include:

  • The unit folds flat for easy transportability.
  • The speakers can run on either AA batteries or AC power.
  • High resolution micro speakers as well as bass enhancement.
  • Charges your stiletto while it is docked.
  • Compatible with Stiletto 10, Stiletto 100, and Stiletto 2

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM, Long Directed