Pioneer has been very vocal in their position with one particular "concession" that has been a frequent subject of the proposed merger between Sirius and XM. The audio equipment manufacturer believes that there should be no requirement to install HD radio chipsets in all SDARS receivers.

Pioneer met with the democrat commissioners (Copps and Adelstein) on Monday, July 21, 2008. This happens to be the same day that commissioner Copps rendered his decision to vote against the merger without taking the opportunity to offer a counter proposal for consideration.

It is Pioneers position that manufacturers should not be required to include HD Radio chipsets into SDARS receivers, and that in fact, a free market should determine whether or not these chipsets are installed.

One item to note is that Pioneer did not meet with commissioner Tate. Tate is widely seen as being the third vote needed for the merger to gain approval, and the fact that Pioneer did not meet with her may be indicative that she sides with the Pioneer position with regard to this issue.

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