SiriusXM Wants to be the Soundtrack to your Holiday Festivities

Halloween is over so, it’s time to dust off your ornaments and hang your stockings with care because Christmas is here whether you like it or not and SiriusXM is piling on in the commercialized tradition of celebrating the Holidays before they have even begun with a dial hogging seven channel festive lineup. Bah humbug…. → Read More


SiriusXM Sweetens the Deal for New Car Buyers

If you’re considering purchasing a new car in 2014 consider this, anyone who purchases a new 2014 model Chrysler equipped with a satellite radio Uconnect system will score a free full year satellite radio subscription which includes ALL premium channels AND access to SiriusXM Internet Radio. What is Uconnect? Uconnect is an in-dash Wi-Fi capable… → Read More


SiriusXM Complete Agero Deal

Agero, Inc., the leading provider of vehicle and driver safety, security and information services, today announced it has completed the sale of its connected vehicle services division to SiriusXM Radio (SIRI).   The deal can set the stage for SiriusXM to better leverage itself with the OEM channel, and more specifically in the emerging world… → Read More


Art Bell Leaves SiriusXM

Art Bell, the radio icon that joined the SiriusXM line-up on September 16th is leaving the air after just a month and a half.  While passionate satellite radio fans may not want to hear it, his reasons for leaving boiled down to three main things: SiriusXM’s web player is notoriously unreliable, causing a loss of… → Read More


SiriusXM Already Above 2013 Subscriber Guidance?

SiriusXM raised the bar on net subscriber guidance today from 1.5 million to 1.6 million.  That would appear to be a great thing.  However, if you follow the company closely you would have noticed that SiriusXM, just three quarters into 2013 already has 1,681,730 subscribers.  Are they really projecting a net subscriber loss in Q4… → Read More


Despite Records SIRI Slides

This is why I always keep some caution in my thought process, though I did not expect what happened in pre-market to be this pronounced.  Despite setting several records, SiriusXM has moved down substantially in pre-market today.  My key hold point of $3.95 was taken  out in pre-market, but I still want to see where… → Read More


SiriusXM Satellite Launch Delayed?

It would appear that the launch of FM-6, SiriusXM’s latest and greatest satellite has been delayed yet again.  The launch had already been postponed to today, but as of this writing, the countdown clock now has 4 days on it instead of about 20 minutes.  In addition, the launch pad webcam seems to be off-line,… → Read More


Countdown To Launch of SiriusXM’s FM-6 Satellite

We are less than 24 hours away from the launch of SiriusXM’s latest satellite, FM-6.  The launch was initially scheduled for Sunday, October 20th, but has been delayed by 24 hours due to issues with the satellite ground station network required for the launch and early orbital operations of the Sirius FM-6 spacecraft. Khrunichev State Research… → Read More


SiriusXM – Another $2 Billion in Share Buybacks

SiriusXM (NASDAQ:SIRI)announced today that the company is authorizing another $2 Billion in share buybacks.  As part of the program, Liberty Media (NASDAQ:LMCA) will participate by selling $500 million of its stake.  The sale by Liberty Media will still leave Liberty firmly in control of the satellite radio provider with a 52% stake in SiriusXM.  Added… → Read More


Serious Support For SiriusXM

Technical analysis is a tool that every active trader should keep in their toolbox.  Serious investors in SiriusXM enjoy very regular technical and fundamental reporting on what drives SiriusXM from SiriusBuzz Premium.  Support and Resistance is just one tool that we look at, but there has been a dynamic so compelling that I thought it… → Read More