Apple opened up it’s doors today with the first round of approved iPad applications (even though the iPad does not go on sale until Saturday) and as expected one of the most popular iPhone applications of all time is front and center.

Pandora and it’s 50 million registered listeners will now enjoy a new universal version of the application for both the iPhone and iPad. The latest version features a completely redesigned interface to take advantage of the larger iPad screen, new album artwork, and improved performance.

Although I do think getting your product into as many applications and in front of as many as possible is the solid strategy, I still do wonder if the iPad/iPhone are the best devices for music applications. The single application limit does not seem to lend itself well to people like me who like the background of music while they go about working on other tasks. That said, I am sure after all the complaining that multi application capability is right around the corner.

[via TechCrunch]