opie-anthonyI know Opie & Anthony aren’t exactly Sirius news but, with the recent line of firings and suspensions it leads me to wonder who will be next. First there was Imus then there were at least five lesser known shock jocks on free radio and now O & A and for what…jokes?

Doesn’t anyone in this world have a sense of humor anymore? Listen, I have no problem with people being mad about bad jokes concerning race but, those same people have to be irate and people need to lose their jobs over every single race. If this is the way they want it to be then it has to be all or nothing. There can no longer be any unfunny jokes about white, black, red, yellow, fat, skinny, tall, short, rich, or poor people ever again.

In the past we have all heard much worse come out of both on air personalities Bubba The Love Sponge and Howard Stern yet nothing has come of it. Is Sirius somehow squashing problems before they come to the surface? Could it be because the jocks have been messed with so much in the past they are more careful about how they word things? Or are cranky free speech haters just laying in wait recording the show, waiting for the ultimate slip up and the right time to strike?

The truth is Howard and Bubba are next and if the people of this great country don’t do something to stop all of this, you are going to watch the best right that we have as Americans, slip right out the window and once it’s gone…good luck getting it back.