opie-anthonyYet another top 10 terrestrial radio market is dropping the Opie & Anthony show. According to Inside Radio, the XM shock Jock duo will no longer be aired on Washington D.C.'s WJFK FM. The Opie & Anthony show is being replaced with "The Junkies".

in 2006 XM Satellite Radio decided fore go exclusivity with Opie & Anthony, and sell the morning show to terrestrial radio stations. Since that time, CBS has opted to remove Opie & Anthony from several major markets. Sirius, which had always indicated that they wanted to keep content exclusive, allowed Howard Stern afternoon man Bubba The Love Sponge to cut a terrestrial deal with Cox Communications. Bubba does a morning show with Cox, and an afternoon show with Sirius. So far, Cox is choosing to air Bubba in a couple of Florida markets.

Position - Long Sirius, XM