Beth O Stern is well known to Howard Stern Fans. After all, she is Howard's wife. She is also well known in television circles and as the official spokesperson for North Shore Animal League America. Her new book titled Oh My Dog was released only two days ago, and surprisingly has not been a huge subject on the Stern Show. That fact that Beth co-authored a book has come up, but Stern seems to want to avoid the subject, and understandably so. Stern has never been one to hawk merchandise and shamelessly promote. While he is fully supportive of his wife, it seems he wants her to enjoy success because she is talented, not because she is the wife of Howard Stern.

Beth's book already has a huge number of reviews on Amazon. As one could predict, it is a virtual flame war, with many comments coming from people that have not even read the book yet. The comments are divided, and it seems more like a message board flame war than people actually discussing the merits of the book. All in all people seem obsessed with the allegation that Howard and Beth's dog is walked by a professional walker, and seem dis-satisfied with the NSAL as a charity.

The book will sell well, and perhaps after the initial publicity, Howard Stern will even talk about it on the air. Certainly, the reviews on the book would make for an interesting show. I would anticipate that as the book gains exposure that the flame war in the review section of Amazon will be great reading for all of those that don't have a dog but want some insight on those that have the unique obsession of posting their opinion on the internet and pretending that they are an expert in subject matter they likely know less about than they lead on. It seems the Internet is full of these "experts".

The Good:

"The rewards of having a dog are well known- the health benefits, both mental and physical, have been well documented. But along with the great joy can come stress and anxiety. That's where Oh My Dog comes in. The book should be seen as a handy reference guide. The author has interviewed numerous experts and has included their tips and advice. This book covers it all- from the time your four legged friend is a rambunctious pup to when they inevitably slow down and old age sets in. It makes dealing with those rough patches easier- and that's a good thing. I wish I had a book like this when I got my first lab over ten years ago. But to be honest even a long time dog owner like myself will still find the book extremely useful. For example, I never thought to read the labels on pet foods before and even if I did I would not know what to look out for. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who has a dog or is thinking of getting one. As an aside, Amazon really needs to start removing most of the reviews on this page. It's obvious the people reviewing the book have not read it. I'm not sure what their agenda is but it is clear the author is not getting a fair shake."

The Bad:

"Despite writing this book, the author is NOT an authority on dog care - not by any stretch of the imagination. This book is simply a vanity project by a bored trophy wife of a millionaire. That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing if the author practices what she preaches. Unfortunately that is not the case here. The author preaches about adopting animals from a shelter but her dog (yes, the one on the book cover) was bred and trained by a professional breeder. She has no clue what it takes to train a dog. She speaks of nutrition but her dog is the fattest bulldog I have ever seen. Her husband even speaks about her feeding the dog table scraps which ANYBODY will tell you is a bad thing. You don't even have to be a specialist to know that. On top of all that, she employs a professional dog walker to walk her dog...."

One can only imagine the drubbing Beth is taking on the SternFanNetwork, a Stern fan page with a segment of posters that seem to slam anyone and everyone, including Howard Stern! (Now I have gone and made myself a target).

Watch for Beth to make the rounds on television to promote her book. She appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman May 7th.

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