November auto sales in the United States tallied in at 1,242,047.  This is a respectable number that is up a bit over 8% from 2012.  The tally year to date is just shy of 14.2 million, meaning that we will need to see December deliver 1.3 million to get to the 15.5 million that most analysts now anticipate.  Last year December delivered a tally of 1.35 million, thus, even a zero growth December would bring in the base number for expectations.  It looks like something approaching 15.7 million for 2014 is not out of the question.

As I have mentioned before, the GM deal has now shifted and it will impact subscriber numbers this quarter.  GM sold 212,060 cars in November with an estimated 160,000 of them being satellite radio equipped.  In the past, these cars would all be counted as subscribers.  With the new deal none of them are.

About 40% of cars sold so far this quarter are from the leading category.  The point of sale makes up a modest 12%, and the trailing category carries the lions share at 48%.  The GM impact so far this quarter is almost 329,000 in just new sales.  There is also a churn impact from the previous quarter.  All told, the GM impact this quarter will be over 500,000.

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