We understand that our readers have different tastes as far as content is concerned, some like deep analytical posts, while others want some fun and antics rolled into the news of the day. This is why we have added a new navigational tab to the right hand side of the header that will allow people to switch between the lighter “News” and the more in depth “Investor” news, all while keeping every piece of Sirius related content under one umbrella for you readers out their that want it all. Think of it as a kind of business and pleasure, the kind that no one will ever know if you mix.

Just in case you haven’t yet noticed, we have also added some Sirius Forums to our list of upgrades. If you have some actual thoughts worth sharing about Sirius or the SATRAD industry, don’t waste them! Head over to the forums where you can interact with others, have a good hearted debate, and maybe even learn something! For those of you who need some incentive… there are some great prizes available to anyone who joins.

We are always striving to give the people what they want so, if there is something we haven’t thought of yet (because we are so tired from covering all of this merger news) please be sure to drop us a line from our new contact page.