A new Group has formed in the eleventh hour of the satellite radio merger between Sirius and XM, and they have their guns trained on the audio entertainment sector. Consumer Coalition for Commercials on Terrestrial Radio (C3TR) announced today that they were forming as an advocate group on behalf of all terrestrial radio listeners. Formed by two college students with a break in their curriculum, the duo issued a press release today.

To counter the potentially dim prospects facing listeners of terrestrial radio, a group of concerned AM and FM listeners have formed the Consumer Coalition for Commercials in Terrestrial Radio ("C3TR"). Through the participation and support of listeners and volunteers, C3TR -the only consumer group in existence today solely dedicated to advocating on behalf of terrestrial radio listeners who want more localized commercials- is committed to opposing the creation radio formats on terrestrial radio that limit the number of commercials heard, and ensure continued consumer exposure to local radio advertising.

The groups founding member, Chris Leare, stated, “As radio listeners we have become accustomed to a consistent 22 minutes of commercials in every hour. The commercials used to be very informative, but now have taken a national flavor, and have also become homogenized.”

Leare stated that a recent trend in radio has been to air advertisements that no longer connect with listeners on a local level. “I used to learn from the commercials Leare said, “Until I heard that Warren's Pharmacy was on the corner of Union and Main Street I never knew that the two streets intersected. This was valuable information that enriched my life. Now, I hear ads about Ford Motors asking me to Focus, or something like that. It was either asking me to Focus, or it was telling me how to gain an Edge....I can't quite recall. What good does focusing do if I don’t know the streets in my own town?”

Asked if there were large numbers of radio listeners who have expressed similar concerns, Leare stated, “Well, my room-mate is as mad as I am. We couldn’t even think of the name of the pizza place down the street because the commercial is not played as much any more. I mean really….here we are hungry, and the Ford commercial is telling us how to gain an Edge. I will have an edge if I can get some food in my stomach.”

C3TR plans to launch a website, but wont promise any regular updates. They said that they are passionate about the issue so long as it does not interfere with their nightly games of beer pong. “We will do just enough to seem like a real organization” Lear said, “Hopefully some local establishments will see what we are doing and pay for all of this (Leare laughs as he points to a plywood table full of cups).... yea, like that would ever happen.”

If you are interested in supporting C3TR, they say don’t bother to contact anyone, there is no need. C3TR represents and advocates all terrestrial radio listeners like it or not. This will remain the case unless someone else does the same thing, but that would be copying.