Fans of satellite radio are passionate. It is for this reason that I knew the channel line-ups would cause confusion, opinion, and even outrage. It simply is the nature of the beast. You can not make all of the people happy all of the time.

Sirius XM radio has done a decent job of making suggestions for channels on those that have been removed. The question is whether subscribers will be able to set aside their passion to give the other channels a try.

In some cases, a favorite channel may carry a new name. New Country on Sirius is now The Highway. Rest assured that Brad Paisley is the same on both the old and the new... as is Jewel. Human nature dictates a rash reaction to change. Human nature also gives us the ability to adapt to change.

Yes, there are channels that will no longer exist. If one of these was your favorite, express your opinion, but do it in a meaningful manner. Calling up angry saying you are going to cancel because one favorite channel was removed will not help get that channel back. Even a well worded letter may not get the desired results, but it at least has a better chance.

There was bound to be issues when the channels were unveiled. Certainly the company will be listening to opinion carefully as they move forward. Give a reasoned and well worded opinion, and you will have a much better chance of bringing about adjustments in the future.

Are you happy with the new line-ups? Is there a channel that is no longer available that you will miss? Is there a channel that you will try out. Check out the forums as conversations are popping up all over the place.

Position: Long SIRI