The NAB's New Website

The NAB has really turned up the heat with this new online campaign by actually going out and registering the domain and setting up a stand alone website dedicated to delivering us the TRUTH about creating a Satellite monopoly. The only problem is that the NAB’s website just demonstrates even further that they are grasping at straws.

The bad business decisions of these companies do not necessitate a government bailout by allowing a monopolistic merger.

Is it any wonder companies who pay talent up to $100 million per year are not turning a profit? Consumers will be the ones left holding the bag if the two companies are allowed to merge into a monopoly with no competition.

One would have to assume we are talking about Howard Stern here but, they don’t mention his name because of the bitter taste in their mouths. If that is the case, it has previously been stated that Howard’s advertisers alone, pay for his salary. The millions of subscribers who came to Sirius upon his arrival and thus closed the gap with XM, were just a bonus. They call that a bad business decision?

A merger between the only two satellite radio companies is a guaranteed headache for consumers.

According to the engineering firm of Meintel, Sgrignoli & Wallace (MSW), a merger between XM and Sirius would not allow existing satellite radio customers to have access to more programs than they have now without buying a new satellite radio.

Since day one customers have been able to get their hands on the satellite receivers for prices ranging from free to next to nothing, after rebate. I have had my Sirius unit for two years now and like any other technology I am standing by ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest either way. If that isn’t enough for you, I am willing to bet the new company will be handing out the new technology left and right to any customer who joins or renews their current plan, just like the cell phone companies.

The really sad thing about this smear campaign and the new website is that NAB claims it is about “The Truth.” If they really want us to know the truth, then they should post all the facts. Give the people all the pros and cons and let them make an educated decision, or change the header of the website to read “What we want you to know.”