new-nab-logo.gifThe National Association of Broadcasters has added their two cents to the merger decision. It should be of little surprise that they are disappointed.

The NAB issued the following statement today regarding the Justice Department's approval of the Sirius-XM merger and following statement can be attributed to NAB Executive Vice President Dennis Wharton:

"We are astonished that the Justice Department would propose granting a monopoly to two companies that systematically broke FCC rules for more than a decade. To hinge approval of this monopoly on XM and Sirius's refusal to deliver on a promise of interoperable radios is nothing short of breathtaking."

HMM...Seems that the NAB has not really been following the marketplace or the sentiment of consumers throughout this process. Well, I should not act surprised by this...terrestrial radio has ignored the desires of consumers for quite some time..why should they change now?

NAB Statement

Position - Long Sirius, XM