It seems that the NAB had to have Dennis Wharton, Vice President of the NAB step in to respond to the report issued by Hazlett. We are not sure, but perhaps David Rehr was in the other room busy with his Payola Crayola's.

Wharton's response:

"This report defies logic. The study's contention that consumers would benefit from a monopoly merger of the only two satellite radio services is laughable, as evidenced by the fact that Consumers Union and the Consumer Federation of America are opposing the merger."

HMM...if Wharton wants to talk about things that defy logic, perhaps he should step into the next office and have a conversation with David Rehr. These guys have more double speak with each passing day!

If the NAB was seeking consumer benefit, they would do a far better job supporting minority programming, come up with better and more compelling programming, and not fight against others helping to distribute life/safety information.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM