hdradio.JPGThe National Association of Broadcasters announced yesterday that radio stations KBCO-FM (Denver market) and WRIF-FM (Detroit market) will be the recipients of the first HD Radio Multicast Awards. The awards will be presented September 27th at the NAB Radio Show.

"NAB is proud to recognize two stations that have maximized their program offerings through HD Radio multicasting,"
said NAB Executive Vice President of Radio John David. "The entries received demonstrate a wide array of diverse program offerings provided by radio stations across America. We salute KBCO and WRIF for being at the forefront."

Readers can listen to what is playing at these award winning stations by clicking the appropriate link below:

WBCO - Studio C

WRIF - Riff2

HD Radio is progressing, and many feel that the new technology is competition for satellite radio. Radio Shack, which has begun selling HD Radio advertises that consumers can get more stations with better sound and no subscription. HD Radios own website also speaks of no subscription in their frequently asked questions section

Position - Long Sirius, XM, No Position Radio Shack