The National Association of Broadcasters fought the Sirius XM merger tooth and nail. They have spent millions fighting against royalties for the music they play, and now they are fighting copper theft.

Copper Theft?

That's right, broadcasters are going crazy because the price of high price of scrap copper, combined with a strained economy has copper theft as a major issue. So severe is the problem that it generated a press release, and will be a major topic at the NAB Radio Show.

Scrap copper is getting a hefty $3.08 per pound in the scrap market, making all of those wires run at broadcasting sites tempting to would be thieves, or perhaps even employees. While the issue is a major problem, is it so important as to warrant a press release? Perhaps after all of the fighting during the merger process, someone was simply trying to find a new fight that can deliver tangible results.

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