David Rehr of the NAB has filed yet another letter of opposition with the FCC. Today's letter, which was written and delivered today seems to focus on the channel set aside offered by Sirius and Xm. The letter seems to have a tone of defeat to it, now looking more towards tougher concessions than an outright denial of the merger.

Of course they rehashed the interoperability issue, but more importantly they are siding now with Georgetown partners in looking for a system that would offer a competitive bidding process on the proposed spectrum. This proves what most skeptics have thought all along about Georgetown partners motives. Georgetown does not want the spectrum but instead wants to resell it to the highest bidder. The NAB support demonstrates their own interests in gaining this spectrum for use by terrestrial radio.

In the end it is nothing more than another futile delay tactic as David closes with " Any mandatory lease arrangements will require resource-intensive planning...."

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Position: Long Sirius, XM.