Yesterday, an army of hybrid digital radio proponents including Jane E. Mago, Sr. Vice President and General Counsel Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Marsha MacBride of the National Association of Broadcasters, Jessica Marventano of Clear Channel Communications, Diane Warren of the HD Alliance, Anne Lucey and John Orlando of CBS, Whit Adamson of the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters, and Larry Sidman of Paul, Hastings spoke with Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate and Amy Blankenship.

Considering this happened yesterday and no reports of any HD mandate were made public, it is probably a non issue. Contrary to reports however, we still do not have an official vote from Commissioner Tate and as such, I feel it important to report accurate news as it comes, rather than speculate on rumor. The fact that this meeting took place at all is cause for concern. I have made my views known in my article: The Hypocrisy Of HD Radio Proponents.

"In light of published reports that the Commission was considering approval with conditions, the parties explained the need for a condition to prevent the combined XM radio to harm further development of digital terrestrial radio. Specifically, the parties urged the Commissioner to condition any approval of the merger so that all consumers would have access to radio equipment that would allow them to switch between digital satellite offerings and terrestrial digital offerings."

[ FCC Filing ]