music-first-logoMusic FIRST, and organization dedicated to fair and equitable royalties in the audio entertainment sector is asking terrestrial radio to join them in ensuring that artists get a fair and equitable royalty when their music is played.

Citing a loophole in the copyright law, Music FIRST points out that the terrestrial radio industry enjoys billions in ad revenue when the very artists that sing the songs get nothing.

The Music FIRST press release states, "Terrestrial radio is the only music platform that enjoys this loophole. Satellite Radio, Internet radio and cable music stations pay a fair performance royalty." Terrestrial radio pays only for those that listen on-line.

At this time of year, as holiday tunes grace the airwaves, some singers are wondering how to pay their electric bill. Music FIRST seeks a fair royalty that will apply across the board. Terrestrial radio, and the National Association of Broadcasters is fighting the issue calling it an unfair tax. First, a royalty is not a tax, and second, if everyone else is paying the royalty, isn't terrestrial radio getting special treatment?

Music FIRST Press Release