The NAB has requested that consumers “Do The Math” with regards to the merger. While I am not using a Crayola crayon, here is math that perhaps the NAB should learn to understand.

FCC Comment Scorecard History:


Now, Mr. Rehr, in case you have not seen it, consumer support for the merger is very strong, and continuing to grow. Your best days in this survey included your own filings against the merger, the filings of various state broadcasting associations, and the Opie & Anthony Pests trying to make things bad for XM.

Since that time, the FCC has started the time clock, and consumers have been sharing their opinion at a feverish pace. I would encourage you to see a couple things in these filings:

1. Consumers are standing up to be counted in support of the merger.

2. Consumers are expressing strong displeasure at your organization.

You want people to do the math.....well they can, and they see that over 75% prefer the merger to pass at this point. THAT IS MATH Mr. Rehr! Plain and simple.