microsoft.jpgMerger watchers will be interested to know that Microsoft and Seimen’s have partnered together to develop in vehicle entertainment and navigation packages for vehicles that promises to make connectivity easier. They expect to be producing products by 2009 with Seimen’s providing the hardware side and Microsoft the software platform.

The tandem plan to launch with a multimedia platform that promises to make it easier to integrate consumer electronic functions and portable devices. The companies state that such a platform will make it easier to adapt products to the vehicle system since all that would be required is the addition of a software component. By implementing such a platform, the pair hope to shorten the gap between fast paced development environment in the information technology side with the longer paced cycles in OEM engineering.

More and more we are seeing companies become involved in platforms that they once were not involved in. This crossover blurs the competitive landscape already, and with an announcement such as this, illustrates that many players will be involved in vying for the eyes and ears of the consumer.

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