Mel KarmazinThe announcement came over a week ago, but already, it seems that recent stock performance has overshadowed the fact that Mel Karmazin will be speaking at Merrill Lynch's Media and Entertainment Global Investor Conference. Well, rest assured that news of the conference will filter its way to the minds of the street tomorrow.

What investors will likely hear is a Karmazin who remains confident about the merger, and a Karmazin who will undoubtedly take the opportunity to once again bring up all of the reasons why the merger should be allowed. Getting in the news will likely give the bulls yet another thing to rally around, and that will continue on Wednesday when XM's CEO Gary Parsons will speak as well.

The week, already highlighted by Mel Karmazin and Gary Parsons speaking, may well also see the approval of Sirius and XM's proxy filing for the shareholder vote on the merger. The third version of SEC form S-4A was filed Friday afternoon just two weeks after the second version of the document.

Readers interested in hearing Mel speak can do so by registering for the Media and Entertainment Global Investor Conference on Sirius' website.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM