In an unprecedented flow of comments, consumer participation regarding the proposed Sirius XM merger is taking root. After the FCC started the time-clock, over 300 new comments were filed. Overwhelmingly, consumers are in favor of the merger. Many often feel that their opinion regarding will simply get lost in the shuffle, but a groundswell of consumer opinion can make a difference, and in particular when there is overwhelming participation by the “average citizen.” Rest assured, that consumer opinions in this process will be a major part of the decision, as the consumer point of view will be brought up several times. With special interests seeming to often dictate their position, it is easy for a consumer to feel left out of the process but, on some occasions the collective opinions of average people are indeed heard.

As readers may be aware, I have kept tabs on the merger comments. As of the last reporting those that favored the merger had a 10 point lead. After today, that lead has jumped to 29 points!

Consumers interested in filing a comment can do so by visiting the FCC ECFS system and entering the numbers “07-57” in the proceeding section. From there, simply type your comment and submit.

Clearly the start of the FCC clock has brought out the satellite radio consumers in large numbers. As of today, June 11, 2007, the FCC Comment scorecard is as follows.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM