Equities across the board are likely to see a bit of a run today as the SEC has decided to ban all financial short selling and make other potential moves to stabilize the markets. Many sectors and individual stocks have suffered at the hands of short selling and manipulation much to the frustration of investors. Complaints about stocks being manipulated have overwhelmed the SEC, and now, in the ultimate move of manipulation, the SEC has has issued a temporary ban on the ability to go short on many financial equities. This offers a trickle down effect that illustrates how the financials play a major part in investor sentiment in the overall market.

Investors seem to be taking the news well, and sending positive momentum into many stocks that have simply been hammered as a result of the pervasive negativity that surrounds the entire market like a fog.

One caution I would make is that the SEC move is temporary, and investors need to be aware that in part the reason for the surge is that the enemy of any long investor has just been taken out of the picture. When the ban is lifted, and shorts can return to action, the markets will adjust to that news again, but for now, long investors have at least something to smile about.