worldspace-logo.gifAccording to a story today from Business Wire, Liberty has terminated strategic Transaction discussions with WorldSpace (WRSPQ.PK). The failed satellite radio company. Liberty is the Debtor-In-Possession lender, and Worldspace now awaits information from Liberty as to the next steps in the process. While awaiting that news Wordspace in in the process of potentially de-commissioning their fleet of satellites.

Worldspace had tried offering satellite radio services in India as well as other nations, but ran into financial troubles and ceased most all operations some time ago. Some have speculated that there could be future potential for a relationship between Worldspace and Sirius XM. Liberty seems to hold all of the cards at this point, so only time will tell what will become of Worldspace.

Thanks Muscle

Position - Long Sirius XM, No Position Liberty or Wordspace

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