I wanted members to see this first.  I am working on an article that will either go on SiriusBuzz or Seeking Alpha, but you are members, so you get first look.  Note that Liberty is at 49.6% ownership.  Also note that their average price is $2.26 per share on the common stock.  Remember, they want that money back!

The total is now approaching $1.4 billion.  The fully diluted share count sits at over 7 billion.  I can see Liberty enacting a share buyback of at least 352 million shares (THAT LIBERTY WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN) in order to get stake to 54% or 55%.  This will insulate Liberty from getting taken out of a majority position from dilution.  After that, anticipate that Liberty will want a share buyback of twice the number of shares as they buy in common.  That would be about 1.3 billion shares.  Liberty would participate in that in order to get back its $1.5 billion invested into common buys.  I wanted you members to have this first.  Spread the word, I want SiriusBuzz Premium to be a success!