As sad as it is, I am once again put into the position of getting the truth out there.  There are some people in this world that lie and exaggerate so much that they ultimately believe their own lies.  Once that happens they can become very convincing to other people.  The reason is simple.  They sound believable and are able to do so because after months and years of lies they have gotten to a point where they believe a different version of reality.

Brandon claims that he started Satwaves as a one stop shop for Sirius news and information and that the site was getting over 50,000 hits a day.

This is a bold faced lie and gross exaggeration.  The name Satwaves was MY IDEA.  It was not even created until after Brandon came aboard at SiriusBuzz.  I have the email to prove it.  Satellite radio sites were not getting 50,000 hits a day.  Orbitcast was the top of the heap in those days and it was getting about 15,000 to 20,000 hits a day.  Brandon had started another site called sirius news and rumors, which he just launched.  Contrary to his claim that he was sending a ton of traffic, it was more a case of consolidating sites to make a better product.  In fact, I have emails from him citing that the site was getting 50,000 hits a month... not per day.  Before Brandon offers up a comment such that this email image is photoshopped, I will forward the email to anyone that wants it.  Simply send your email request to

We approached Brandon with a concept of a couple of sites under one flag.  I suggested the name Satwaves to him on August 12th, and within a week he had registered the name.  The idea was a partnership of sorts.  Investors geared news would be on SiriusBuzz, and rumors, programming and hardware news would be on Satwaves.  If the partnership did not work, I would keep satellite Standard, SiriusBuzz would remain with Charles, and Brandon would get Satwaves.  The concept of a subscription based service was also my idea.

In an email on July 30th I wrote (just prior to coming up with the Satwaves name idea):

"I spoke to a fund manager today, and after our discussion, I broached this concept with him.  I had quoted the $60 figure.  He said:

"Sirius Buzz is the only viable source where professionals can get good information on satellite radio.  For professions to only have information from sporadic analyst reports, and quarterly calls simply does not offer the level of detail needed.  $60 per month is a lot lower than they pay for other research, and many virtually have to trade SDARS because of the sector their fund is in."
I told him the $60 was per year, not month.  He said that information such as we are proposing is more valuable than even $60 per month, but we need to weigh quantity vs. quality.  That being said, I am now thinking an introductory rate of $120 per year, see the demand, and adjust from there.  Thoughts?
Below is the concept 
SiriusBuzz is proud to introduce SiriusBuzz Premium.  SiriusBuzz Premium takes all of the great services you have on SiriusBuzz a step further, offering members exclusive content and privileges not available our regular site.  Members of SiriusBuzz Premium will get:

Satellite Standard Group Reports 

That's right.  The Satellite Standard Group brand is back, with detailed monthly reports that give you more in depth analysis and opinion as you follow the satellite radio sector.  These reports, published monthly offer greater insight, and consolidate various information so that you can have it at your fingertips.  You will see how we break down the quarter, what we feel are the things to watch, and our opinions on SDARS on a short term and long term basis.  Satellite Standard will give additional analysis at the end of each quarter, as well as offer email updates when something hot is crossing the wires.  Reports will be generated and compiled by Brandon and Tyler, and will give detailed analysis, data, and opinions.  Not only do you get to read our opinion, but you see the data that gets us to our conclusions.

Private Forum Pages

Sirius Buzz Premium members will have access to private forums that are used only by members of SiriusBuzz Premium. These forums offer a safe place to discuss satellite radio with less worry about message board trolls.  In addition to satellite radio, members will have an "Other Stocks" forum to talk about other investment ideas.

Private Live Chat Rooms

Seeking a live discussion with others that have a common interest in satellite radio.  SiriusBuzz Premium will have live chat available exclusively to SiriusBuzz premium members.  While the chat room is available 24/7, Tyler, Charles and Brandon will schedule times where we will be active participants, and you never know, you may find us there more frequently than the scheduled slots. 

Conference Calls

Do you like SiriusBuzz Radio?  How does a live conference call sound to you?  SiriusBuzz Premium will offer live conference calls each month where the content is all about your specific questions and opinions.

Additional Sirius Buzz Premium Stories.

Yes, we publish a lot on SiriusBuzz.  However, SiriusBuzz Premium members will have access to special stories that the general site does not offer. 

Prizes and Discounts

From time to time we come across special discounts that we will share with SiriusBuzz Premium members.  In addition, we will periodically run promotions where SiriusBuzz Premium members can participate for prizes.

We have created SiriusBuzz Premium in an effort to deliver the type of products that you the readers may want.  Having a premium service allows those that want greater detail to get it, while keeping the main site the same high quality you have come to expect.  Having a membership based service lets us reward those that have built SiriusBuzz to what it is, and will allow us to grow bigger and better in the future.  SiriusBuzz Premium gives members the ability to know that they will have all of the pertinent information compiled for them, and the leisure to browse the standard site at any time.

SiriusBuzz Premium is launching with special introductory pricing of $120 per year.  That boils down to $10 per month to have access to a better site, more detailed information, and a forum where you can feel free to share investment ideas with like-minded people.  The introductory price will hold until August 31, 2008."

There was a point where it was Brandon that disappeared for months.  In the movie Stock Shock Brandon claimed that he had to move his family because he was receiving threats due to his coverage of SiriusXM.  Another lie.  Brandon had to move because he was renting a house.  The owner of the house sold the property and his family had to move.  His wife and kids moved in with his wife's family and Brandon to the plumbing shop of a family member.  Times were tough for Brandon, and even though he was not contributing to SiriusBuzz or Satwaves for MONTHS, nor communicating with us, we sent him regular 1/3 payments of revenue.

In the beginning of 2009 Brando came back.  He quickly got into a situation where SiriusBuzz was threatened with a lawsuit.  He was making libelous and slanderous claims against Michael Hartlieb.  On the third such occasion Hartlieb called me and stated that he was getting ready to serve the site with legal papers because of the libelous and slanderous comments made by Brandon.  I contacted Brandon and told him that he needed to chill out or we were going to get sued.  His response was, "let him sue, I do not have anything".  The problem, and I explained it to Brandon, was that I did have assets, and while he may not care about a lawsuit because he had nothing to lose, I cared deeply as I had substantial things to lose.

At this point Brandon went crazy and continued his posts about Hartlieb despite the fact that we had a cease and desist notification and Brandon's actions were now in direct conflict with the notification.  We had no choice but to cut Brandon off from continuing to dig the site into a hole and negotiate with him about a separation.

We decided that Brandon would keep the Satwaves name as a separate entity from SiriusBuzz.  Unfortunately Brandon spent the next weeks using SiriusBuzz messaging system to recruit members of our forums by stating lies and slamming SiriusBuzz.  He convinced posters in forums and our moderator to become his and Rick's partner in the new Satwaves.  He lured them with promises that the site would make about $20,000 per month.  They joined him and Brandon continued, up to this day, to spend time saying lies about me and about SiriusBuzz to anyone that would listen.  I have had scores of people that eventually were intelligent enough to see Brandon's games confide in me the active campaign against myself and others Brandon keeps going in chat rooms and forums.  If you lie enough you believe it.  If you believe it you can spread the cancer to others that are unsuspecting.

There is an extreme tendency to lie, exaggerate, and stretch the truth.  Think about it.  "Thousands of members".  Do the math.  Look at the numbers.  Why is it that Brandon can not simply go on and simply run his business?  His GoDaddy web hosting costs him about $10 per month.  It is not rocket science.  It does not take 18 hours per day.  This guy does not add up.  Personally, I do not care who pays him money.  I understand that people read every site.  What I do care about is that he seems to continue to want to lie about this site, the historic facts, and me.  It puts me in this position.

Satwaves Pro, contrary to what has been fed to people is not bankrupt.  The business that ran Satwaves Pro is still in existence in the sate of Florida.  In fact, I imagine that the money he has most recently got people to send him rests in that account.  If Brandon insists on continuing to spread lies and misinformation about me than I will have no choice but to take legal action against that business that still is in operation.  A business does not die just because you say it dies.  It dies when you file legal bankruptcy.

Grow up, run your own business and let the past be the past.  Stop the lies.  Stop the begging.  Stop the games.  If anyone doubts the accuracy of what I have said, I will forward emails to you.  Emails can not be faked and a forwarded email is not anything I can mess with.   If you like Brandon, that is awesome.  I will NEVER trust anything he does or says again.  I got BURNED in a big way and continue to get BURNED today.  The lies, exaggerations, and outright misrepresentation of his record speak loudly.

For YEARS I have tried to let these things simply pass with the belief that it is the best way to handle the situation.  I have corrected the record a few times, and revealed part of the story at times.  I have always tried to keep to a higher road even when cheap shot after cheap shot came my way.  Now, for those very few that may be interested, I will outline the whole situation if required.  I have had enough of Brandon lying about me and this site to forward his crooked agenda.

A legend in his own mind was born... NOTHING else.