nhmc-logo.gifAnother organization has come forward in an effort to seek spectrum as a concession in the proposed merger between Sirius and XM. The National Hispanic Media Coalition stated in a letter to the FCC that should the merger be approved that 15% of the spectrum should be set aside and dedicated to Latino programming. The NHMC arrives at the 15% figure because that is the percentage of the American population that is Hispanic.

It seems that groups are trying their best to see to it that the ownership of SDARS equates to the population of the united states. While this idea may seem noble, there simply is not enough room to make all of this happen. What if women want half of the spectrum, the gay and lesbian community, African Americans, Hispanics, American Indians, Asian Americans, Muslims, Baptists, etc. all want their piece?

Ownership of SDARS can already take on any characteristic. People and organizations can BUY STOCK. It is a pretty simple concept, and one that seems to be getting lost in this whole process. I am sure that the NHMC does a fine job at what they do, and that they seek to better the position of their membership, but at some point we need to ask ourselves where all of these groups were when SDARS was a very high risk investment.

Position - Long Sirius, XM.