This is the first time that I remember hearing a beaten tone in the normally energetic/optimistic voice of Jim Cramer. In a recent video on TheStreet (below) Cramer said that “the next 4 days are crucial” and that “If it is not ruled on by June this may go to September.” Not exactly the promising news stockholders were looking to hear. When do you think the FCC will finally decide? Cast your vote on the new site poll below the post.

Jim went on to note that at this point a delay is actually worse than rejection since these companies hemorrhaging money and the possibility of interoperable receivers in next years automobiles looks grim. What was really depressing is that he mentioned Clear Channel as a possible suitor for a freshly bankrupted SATRAD company. What a sad, sad, day that would be.

“The FCC did something brilliant they may have solved the decision for them, by delaying.”