Sirius Buzz announces a special guest on this weeks show, Thursday night at 10:30 PM on Sirius Buzz Radio. Jefferson Krull, of YouTube fame will be joining the show for a special segment. For those that may not be familiar, Jefferson is the now famous YouTube personality that makes light of his own stock trades, and figured out that if you simply did the opposite of him, you could do well in the market.

Jefferson started out his YouTube career with segments titled "Suck My NASDAQ". After gaining notoriety with his videos, the folks at NASDAQ sent Jefferson a nasty-gram demanding that he cease using the NASDAQ Name. As a result, was born.

Jefferson's site is up and running, and full of his advice...or bad advice (depending on your perspective). Krull has managed to create a thriving business out of his own folly and brand of humor. His videos can give traders and investors something to chuckle about or identify with, and he will be live on Sirius Buzz Radio this Thursday night. Check out a sample of Jefferson's work below.

Callers are welcomed to participate on the show by calling in to 347-945-7995. Sirius Buzz Radio will air Thursday, April 17th at 10:30 PM EST.

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