SiriusXM have good reason to be happy about the auto sector these days.  January 2013 auto sales figures are in, and as anticipated the number came in above 1 million.  In fact, January came in at 1.042 million.  This represents about 14% growth over last year, and while that type of growth will not be typical this year it is definitely a great start.  Auto sales for 2013 are expected to come in somewhere between 15 million and 15.5 million.  In 2012 we saw the final number at 14.5 million.  Essentially we should anticipate 5% growth this year.

One key element you will notice is that the sales data is broken down into three categories.  This will be a very important thing to track this year as GM will shift categories.  Once that happens production will become a very important thing to watch.  The leading category actually lost a point from Q4 of last year to January of this year.  The leading category is supplying subs as vehicles are produced.

Data compiled from company sales announcements

Look for a mid month February report in a couple of weeks.  In the mean time, celebrate the fact that 2013 is off to a great start.