slacker-portable-docked.jpgWe have all heard of Slacker at this point, but how many have actually given it a try? If you haven't, you are missing out plain and simple. Slacker makes radio listening easy, and better yet, lets you customize stations or simply build your own. No organizing play lists, no going crazy trying to do download after download. Simply pick a station and listen. There are dozens upon dozens of stations to choose from, and they can get pretty specific. Want to win a Slacker portable? Keep reading.

Are you a Rush fan? I am. Check out Rush Radio on Slacker. Rush Radio plays the best music from Queen, Styx, Queensrÿche, Asia, Kansas, Boston, Jethro Tull, Blue Öyster Cult, Meat Loaf, Heart and more. Oh, and yes, it plays all of the tunes from Rush as well. A fan of another band? There is likely a customized Slacker station that has a channel dedicated to them.

Slacker is filling a niche that satellite radio has left out. Highly selectable and easy to use tunes at your fingertips. Satellite could take this step, but at this point neither Sirius or XM have chosen to do so. Why is satellite not making more of an online presence?

Slacker is interactive. Album Art is displayed. You can rate songs as favorites, ban songs, and even download a song instantly if you are a premium service member. Even without the premium service the highly selective nature of radio stations is a service that bests most anything out there. If you are hearing a song, you can learn what album it is from, and even see a write-up about the artist. If you get to a song that you don't like, you can ban it from the station (this does not ban the song from everyone, just you). If banning seems harsh, simply click the fast forward button and the next great tune will play.

Sirius and XM by contrast have fairly simplistic on line radio players. You can select between the channels, but nowhere do you gain the ability to fast forward, mark songs for download, etc. Nowhere are you building a customized radio station. The online experience with Sirius and XM leaves a lot to be desired when compared to what the folks at Slacker are doing.

Now, some readers at this point must be scratching their heads wondering why a satellite radio fan such as myself is so high on Slacker. Well, I am also a Slacker fan. In a perfect world, Sirius and XM (or the merged company) could do something along the lines as what Slacker has developed. I find myself listening to Slacker more than either satellite service when I am on my computer. Slacker seems to have some great aspects to the service which I find very desirable. Sirius and XM are actually more mainstream, and carry sports, talk, and other programming that Slacker simply does not offer. Thus, I am a fan of and use both satellite as well as Slacker.

Now, if what I have written is not enough to get you to try Slacker, consider this. Slacker is giving away a free portable. If you recommend slacker to someone and they open a free Slacker account, you will get an entry in the free portable contest. Here's the deal. If I win, you win (or bat least one of you wins). If you are interested in test driving Slacker, simply send an e-mail to and put Slacker in the subject line. I will get a Slacker invitation sent to you, and when you try Slacker through my invitation, I get an entry into the contest. If I am a winner in the contest, I will draw a name from all of those who participated and give the Slacker Portable to that person!!! The more people that participate the better my (and by extension your) chances in winning.

Loving Sirius and XM is great, but why not consider broadening your horizons? Slacker makes radio fun, easy, and enjoyable.

Position Long Sirius, Long XM