C3SR, an NAB funded organization that claims to advocate on behalf of satellite radio consumers has filed a Reply To The Joint Opposition with the FCC.  Before going further, it should be understood that the "Joint Opposition" refers to the filing made by Sirius and XM in response to the Petitions to Deny that have been filed with the FCC.

The interesting item to note in the new C3SR filing is that they have attached a new label to Sirius and XM.  Now, according to C3SR, Sirius and XM are "Aspiring Monopolists".  This term is used throughout the C3SR filing, to the point of annoyance.

What is interesting is that the term "Aspiring Monopolist" comes off as very presumptuous and arrogant.  When outlining your case before a judge or regulator, confidence is very important.  Presumptuousness is not a quality that would endear you to the party hearing your case.  It is almost as if C3SR was writing their reply knowing that Sirius and XM would read it rather than knowing that the true audience here is the FCC. 

The FCC process is a serious, and frankly is not the proper forum to engage in idle banter or name calling.  The C3SR argument in the filing could have made its point by calling Sirius and XM "The Applicants" rather than "Aspiring Monopolists".  As the Reply is written, it can be easily construed as insulting to the process, as well as the regulators making the decisions.

Position - Long Sirius, Long XM