ibiquity logoAs expected, many commenters in the merger process between Sirius and XM are trying to get their respective points across. Some comments lack detail, others simply seem outlandish. The most recent filing by Ibiquity is a bit humorous.

Ibiquity met with the FCC to discuss a proposed rule that would require satellite radio receivers to include the ability to receive HD Radio. The humorous part is that they feel that such a rule would "PROMOTE A MORE LEVEL PLAYING FIELD BETWEEN SATELLITE AND TERRESTRIAL DIGITAL RADIO"

  1. Isn't "Terrestrial Digital Radio" the same as terrestrial radio only it is digital instead of analog.
  2. Doesn't terrestrial reach 95% of the market as compared to satellites 5%?
  3. Why should satellite subsidize terrestrial radio's project?
  4. Does a level playing field include terrestrial radio paying music royalties?

Now, personally I feel that incorporation of HD radio into satellite radios can be done with relative ease, but enough beating around the bush already. Ibiquity stated what they wanted, let's not pretend it is about the level playing field.

Ibiquity FCC Filing

Position - Long Sirius, XM.