The Sirius Emergency system was activated on 9/10 to provide unique emergency information to the greater Houston area. Hear live reporting on shelter locations, evacuation route conditions and preparation information for civilians. The channel also provides messages from local authorities and the Red Cross along with traffic reports for the evacuation routes, shelter addresses and reports on shelter space availability. In addition, get information of special interest to the area, such as locations of plywood supplies and emergency water rations, along with the most current hurricane tracking information and flooded evacuation routes and shelters closed due to overfilling.

When the weather is particularly severe and life threatening, the SIRIUS Weather & Emergency system activates on Channel 184. Frequently updated reports from The Weather Channel Radio Network will air giving you the latest information on a Severe Weather event. And, when there's a national emergency or an Amber Alert, the SIRIUS Emergency System is activated to bring you updated information that could be life saving. Which evacuation routes are available...where the shelters are open, word from first responders on disaster recovery planning.... and Amber Alerts from across the country are always available on channel 184.