Some would say that the Howard Stern Show and Opie & Anthony Show are like oil and water. The two entertaining shows each have their own flavor that makes them unique and special, but if you polled each shows passionate fans, they would offer nothing but contempt for the other show. It is just the way it is. Likely, deep down in their collective souls, the shock jocks all carry a respect for the talent and offerings of the other show, but hearing that expressed is a rarity.

While most media attention is focused on the Howard Stern contract situation there is another contract that expires soon. Opie & Anthony have their contract set to expire in the beginning of October, only a few weeks from right now, and with Sterns status up in the air they could well benefit in their own negotiations.

Opie & Anthony are viewed by most as the show that would be most likely used by Sirius XM to replace Howard if he decided to move on. Because of this, O & A could well get themselves a better deal. Sirius XM needs an answer if the Howard negotiations fall through. They need a place for subscribers to tune in and get a similar flavor on their morning commute. Sirius XM has been promoting O & A lately as well as their channel counterparts Ron & Fez. It appeared that the company was already positioning the O & A show to be a solution.

To be fair, Opie & Anthony have a very good show. It is fun, edgy, and often has morning commuters laughing out loud in their cars. By the merits of their talent alone the duo deserve to get a new deal. The interesting part is that with Howard Sterns contract still up in the air, Opie & Anthony are needed by Sirius XM even more. Likely O & A are well aware of this, and they are using it as a negotiating point.

No matter what the situation Opie & Anthony are a talent that deserves a new deal and also deserves more attention and promotion like they have been getting from Sirius XM over the past few months. In a perfect world Sirius XM signs Stern as well as Opie & Anthony.

Position - Long Sirius XM Radio