Fat Drunk and Stupid is the only way to go through the week. At least that is how The Howard Stern Show is promoting a special week of content while the crew enjoys some vacation. Yes, Stern, Gary, Robin, Fred and the others on vacation this week, but like always, they have left some great content for fans to enjoy.

Introducing Wasted Week. A week-long toast to some of the most wasted moments in Stern Show history. Featuring Sam Kinison, Jeff The Drunk, Henry Hill, Hank The Angry Drunken Dwarf and the “Drunk Show” from the MTV Video Music Awards, and much much more. All of the action kicks off Monday with the following historic moments on the docket:
Day 1 - Monday- 5/31/10

- Block 1 8-22-96 Henry Hill drunk call
- 1-19-94 Gary's date blows chunks

Block 2
- 2-7-00 Hank plays a drunken game
- 11-2-04 Ronnie's staff party
- 2-24-04 Howard's drunken karaoke
- 6-24-96 Jackie's wasted sex romp
- 2-15-94 Grillo blacks out

Block 3
- 10-12-00 John drinks way too much
- 8-4-04 A party in Pam's room

Block 4
- Cold gold makes you old
- 5-12-88 Howard Cosell was a drunk
- 5-13-98 Sex with a vacuum
- 3-29-94 Mickey Mantle visits rehab
- 10-25-95 Fly the smelly skies
- 10-18-94 Jackie puppet loves weed
- 2-18-85 Imus pees in a phone booth
- 1-19-95 Planet vomit-wood
- 5-11-99 Stupid drunk tricks
- 11-7-94 Really drunk driving
- 12-6-94 Wasted Santa

Block 5
- 1-15-97 Ian the Drunk
- 8-3-06 Cuba Gooding Jr