This past Thursday Howard Stern joined Twitter to simply follow, what he called, “a couple of people” and in the same breath, vowed he would never actually take the time tweet. Only a few hours later that all went out the window and now three days later he is following 40+ people, tweeting, retweeting, and setting up contests to post pictures of his wife in a thong.

At around 2PM this afternoon the King of all Media laid down the gauntlet and challenged the world to get him to 100k followers by cocktail hour.


If there are 100,000 followers by cocktail hour I will get Beth drunk and take a picture of her in her thong.Sat Feb 05 18:52:41 via web


Sadly, Howard is now claiming that cocktail hour has come and his fans have failed him by falling just a few thousand followers short.


I am a man of my word but cocktail hour has commenced. The official number right now is 93,419. Don't mean to disappoint but a deals a dealSat Feb 05 22:02:10 via web


It should be noted, at this rate, Howard will get to 100k followers by the end of the day today, which is no easy task considering he has not been on the air since Thursday morning to promote his new found love.

UPDATE: Howard is now posting some consolation prize photos of his wife Beth from a recent photo-shoot which can be seen here, here, here and below. The first picture (below) had 10k views in less than 15 minutes, unreal.