While Howard Stern and Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) certainly do not agree on whether or not Stern and his agent, Don Buchwald, are entitled to additional bonuses, they have come to an agreement on the desire to keep certain documents in the case private. I guess you could say that Howard wants Private Parts (perhaps not the sequel he had in mind).

Citing that the terms of the agreement between Howard Stern and Sirius Satellite Radio are inherently private, and that disclosure could be "detrimental to the parties' respective interests or business", the motion has been made to seal such documents. The King of all Media was the main benefactor in a 2004 mega-deal worth over $500 million. While not all of that money went to him (it also pays for all talent and shows on the Howard 100/101 channels), he certainly got the lions share.

Essentially the matters that the parties want to seal are those relating to financial terms of the contract. What this means is that we will now get redacted versions of all of these matters in future filings. Even Howard 100 News will not have access.

Private Documents

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