A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Sirius XM Facebook page, as well as the pages of Sirius XM channels.  I applauded the company for finally making a concerted effort in this arena.  Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become ingrained in our daily lives, and it is often through these social media sites that many people first find out about some sort of news.  An example of that happened today.

Last week, torrential rains poured down on Tennessee.  I felt a lot of sympathy for those people because I had to deal with flooding here in the Northeast only a couple of weeks prior.  Flood damage is extensive, and more often than not people have no insurance coverage to offset the losses suffered.   I personally spent two weeks ripping out carpet, sorting through what furniture could be saved, and getting water out of my basement.  The work is still not complete, and there were people much worse off than I was.

Well, for the people of Tennessee, the flooding and destruction meant that the CMA Music Festival, held in Nashville, might become a victim as well.  While it seems odd that people would worry about a festival in the midst of so much despair, but it is a tradition, and the CMA Music Festival is in the very fabric of the community.  To cancel the festival would be like losing a part of their identity.

Late last night, I saw on Facebook that the CMA Festival would go on. The notification came to me through Sirius XM's The Highway and that channels Facebook page. While I am not a huge country music fan, I have an appreciation for many types of music, and follow the channels on Facebook. Little pieces of news like this give subscribers added value, and enable them to truly connect with and identify with a channel. In what was a moment of despair, the CMA found within themselves to strive on. It is inspiring, and the news that the show will go on will certainly be celebrated by many. A smile came to my face as I thought of the sense of community that did not involve just Nashville, but the whole country through social media as well as music.

With social media integrating into the cellular phone market, having such a presence is even more important. Being on the forefront is also important. Phones and even cameras are becoming the hot spot to get Facebook and Twitter updates. Sirius XM's presence in this arena with apps of their own let more people get the media they want (including their music, sports, and news) all in one place. People identify with Facebook and Twitter. Being in the same space with these services helps people identify with not only Sirius XM, but specific channels and talent as well.

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