history-of.JPGIf you have not been listening to the History of Howard Stern on Sirius, you are missing radio gold. Whether you are a fan of Stern or not, this series of shows gives you a wonderful perspective on where Stern is coming from, and why he took the path that he has taken to become the King Of All Media. The shows are very well narrated, and include time appropriate music in the background that really sets the tone for the listener. As you listen, and hear the music you find yourself being transported back to that year, and can almost imagine that you were listening to the broadcasts decades ago.

The show takes you from Sterns childhood up through his various jobs, and is a great way to see how the personalities on the show came together. Today's episode dealt with the DC 101 days of Howard Stern. It was here that Stern was introduced to Robin Quivers, and here that Stern was reunited with Fred Norris. The Stern show in DC quickly vaulted to #1, and was the talk of the town, but that is just the beginning.

Listeners who tune in tomorrow will learn about Sterns move to WNBC in New York, his split with Robbin Quivers, and the beginnings of his battles with Don Imus. You will also learn how Gary Dell'Abate and Jackie The Joke Man joined the Stern show, but it is the Imus racial rant that will have many tuning in.

Imus, canned earlier this year for racial comments about the Rutgers Womens Basketball team, is now back on the air. However, advertisements for tomorrows History Of Howard Stern show promise to blow the lid off of Imus' latest comments. Tomorrows show will air a rant by the I-Man that people say will make his Rutgers comment look tame by comparison. This is the kind of attention that Imus does not want, as his new broadcast career is barely a month old now.

Do yourself a favor, and tune in to The History Of Howard Stern. It is a treat that you wont want to miss. In fact, I found myself listening to more of Howard 100 than I normally do.

Position - Long Sirius