For the second straight year the HD Radio Alliance has bought and aired more commercials than anyone else. Despite dedicating a ton of energy to get the word out, HD Radio is still struggling as the technology, which promises better sound quality, is still somewhat of an enigma to radio listeners.

Satellite radio does feature several of the big names, but still has ad slots to fill. Public Service announcements from the Ad Council sometimes dominate ad space on some satellite channels, indicative of a gap between ad space and ad sales. Satellite is not the only having a tougher go of selling ads. Terrestrial radio also seems to be featuring more Ad Council ads as well as station bumpers.

The top ten advertisers were:

1. HD Radio
2. Wal Mart
3. Geico
4. Verizon
5. Home Depot
6. McDonald's
7. AT&T
8. AutoZone
9. Toyota
10. Ford / Lincoln / Mercury

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