As most readers are likely aware, Sirius and XM announced today that Thomas Hazlett, the former Chief Economist of the Federal Communications Commission, Professor of Law & Economics at George Mason University, and a principal in Arlington Economics, released a study regarding the merger of SIRIUS and XM.

The press release offered some key points from the report, but we knew that you the reader want more. We have located the entire Hazlett Report titled “The Economics of the Satellite Radio Merger" for you, our readers.

Readers should note that the full report is 51 pages long, and goes into great detail about various aspects of the merger. Also of note in the report is an entire section that takes to task the Criterion report paid for by C3SR (with funds from the NAB), which was authored by Sidak.

The report is an interesting read, offers some compelling arguments, and is well thought out.

Position – Long Sirius, Long XM