These days it seems like Sirius XM finds themselves involved so many legal matters that they would have enough content to fill a special pop-up channel on their dial. While the Howard Stern case and developments seem to be at center stage, along with the Blessing settlement, there are two other active cases of note. The Shenk matter, a case on behalf of shareholders, and a similar filing by Goe have also been news.

The Goe matter had a new development recently with the assignment of a new Judge. Judge Harold Baer has declined to hear the case citing that it is similar to another action before him (the Blessing matter). There are indeed similarities, but the key difference is that the Blessing matter was brought on behalf of subscribers, while the Shenk and Goe matter are brought on behalf of shareholders.

The Goe matter has now been assigned to the Honorable Ronald L. Ellis.

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