I have had enough of this. When Sirius XM merged its channels there was an outpouring of threats of canceled subscriptions. Now it has begun again at the hand off the Bubba Army.

Like little children threatening to take their ball and go home, there seems to be a new attack on any company decision on any given day, with the inevitable backlash of threats soon to follow.

I recently switched banks and failed to notify Sirius of the new account, and my subscription was deactivated. When I tried to take care of business, I learned I was overdrawn over 1 million dollars on an account that was 2 days old. I'll spare you the details, but I had to live without Satellite Radio for that weekend.

I cannot begin to tell you of the horror I felt listening to terrestrial radio after being a Sirius subscriber for the last 5 years. I'm not sure which was worse; listening to Pink Floyd with chorus from Whitney Houston chiming in every few seconds on the FM band, or the annoying whine that came through the speakers when I accelerated while trying to listen to the Giants game.

I had forgotten the ill effects of driving under power lines while listening to terrestrial radio. Going back to am/fm is like going back to rabbit ears or in this case, a phonograph from those swinging days of old.

So for those that want to threaten to cancel their subscriptions in an attempt to blackmail the company, I say "go ahead punk, make my day!" You'll be back. Everyone has to grow up eventually.

Position: Long SIRI